Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Beginning of a New Adventure - Magick Gone Wylde

Welcome! So, there's not much to see here yet.

For years I've supported myself making dollhouse miniatures under the name Midnight in the Dollhouse. I've done shows all over the United States, selling my stuff with David, of David's Dollhouse. It has been wonderful, and there is a magic to miniatures, to be certain.

But when I fell back in love with ANOTHER kind of magic, miniatures lost their luster for me and it was time to leave....

All of my stuff was on a website under the name of Midnight in the Dollhouse, but I am letting that website go and focusing on my magic.

My magic truly HAS gone wild. :)

I am getting it figured out. Always walking towards the mountain.

Thanks for walking with me.

- Wendy 

P.S. For now, this is where Magick Gone Wylde will reside. Until I can build a new website for it. If you'd like to follow ALL of my magical adventures go here:

Instagram - Magick Gone Wylde on Instagram

Facebook - Magick Gone Wylde on Facebook

See you there!